Orf software

History of changes

26.12.2018, version 0.9.4
(+) Options: 'Playback\DirectShow filters\Preferred filters' setting
(+) DirectShow: added support for loading filters from the pack
(+) Options: AutoPlay settings
(+) Core: Windows AutoPlay support
(+) Import: check for doubles now take into account disk volume label and serial number. This allows to import different disks from one drive into the same playlist
(+) Core: main window accepts paste folders/files
(*) Core: each player instance now has its own temporary playlist. In older versions, temporary playlist was shared between all player instances.
(+) Options: 'Navigator\Library\Hide temporary playlist if it's empty' setting
(*) Navigator: separators drawing style changed to compact navigator menus
(*) Various bug fixes
14.11.2018, version 0.9.3
(+) Options: added 'Navigator\Enable video preview' option
(+) Options: added 'DVB\Blank screen on channel switch' option
(+) Navigator: added animated status icon for background processes
(+) Navigator: added more control bar buttons
(*) Navigator: editor redesign and bug fixes
(*) UI: reduced right-click menu flickering
(*) UI: main menu redesign
(*) History: fixed item selection in some cases
(*) Directshow: fixed unnecessary CPU/GPU usage for video preview
(+) Import: added import drive dialog
20.08.2018, version 0.9.2
(*) DirectShow: improved subtitle streams handling when subtitle filter is not present
(+) Options: added DVB options
(+) Import: added DVB import window
(*) EVR CP: AR correction fixes and resize quality improvement for anamorphic video
(+) DirectShow: added DVB helper filter
(+) Core: added DVB and EPG scanners
(+) Core: added DVB SI and ES parsers
(+) DirectShow: added support for BDA graphs
(*) SQLite updated to version 3.24.0
19.05.2018, version 0.9.0
(+) Core: Disk menu on/off extended messages
(+) Core: YAP now match BD playlist/chapter selected inside BD menu and switch back to play it using native mode. Feature works Ok with most BDs
(+) Import: Added support for rare BD playlists with start time offsets
(+) Options: Added 15 new import options
(*) SQLite updated to version 3.21.0